Stephanie D. Singleton

the Author/ Playwright & Single.ologist of Self-Love~

 Single.ology 101 - 8 Basic Steps to Enjoying the Single Life 


New Book & Film Reveals

 Truth behind Sex Love and Drama 

 GoFundMe fundraiser push will funds for new novel and film duo

When a woman sells her Soul for Love; the love she gains will not only cost her a scorn heart but will leaves her with an empty soul.

Young, Beautiful, Classy , Intelligent -- describes Mya Evans --the Survivor ! 

Mya a divorced college professor in Petersburg, Virginia struggles with finding the balance between Love, Trust and Faith. When one fails her, --- the other is sure to find a way to make life worth fighting for. 
Its when life takes an unexpected turn, her heart will detect the Lies - but The Hair Between Her Legs will reveal the awful Truth!

With your support this thought-provoking, sometimes funny, heart-tugging book should be released as a self-published title before Christmas. The two-day film shoot will begin on Friday, October 3.

How can you help?
A CrowdFunding page has been secure in effort to receive support to produce this duo project.

By asking for a minimum donation of (one)$1.00 this enables any budget to support and contribute to this vision.

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